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Author: FITivate | Published date: September 23, 2021 | Category: Nutrition

1. 5 Best Places To Buy Protein Powder in Singapore

2. Factors to Consider When Looking for a Place to Buy Protein Powder in Singapore

Protein powder has always been a staple for building muscles and the first go to supplement for gym goers. There are, in fact, different grades of proteins available in the market and an in depth description can be found here

We have also previously discussed the safety of consuming protein powder on a regular basis, and this time round, we will touch on the recommended places that offer up a wide variety of protein powders which will make you spoilt for choice.  

5 Best Places To Buy Protein Powder in Singapore


IHerb has to be the most popular and comprehensive supplement online store and more. The platform has a very big customer base, as such, you would be able to get a myriad of reviews from verified buyers. This can help to justify certain protein products when browsing through their expansive online store. Also, their periodic discount code sales are great cost saving opportunities to stock up on your supplements supply.  

The Supplement Warehouse (TSW)

TSW has a local store in Toa Payoh and a user-friendly online ecommerce platform for ordering protein and the likes. They do have deals and clearance sales sections for those looking to save. They also do have a whatsapp chat to contact them directly for any queries. 


Nutrifirst also has a physical store to visit, with friendly customer service representatives to help you with your choices when you are shopping at their geylang outlet. Their online store presence is also very comprehensive, with numerous ongoing deals to choose from. 


GNC is probably one of the most well known supplement merchants out there, and many gym goers would have purchased some of their supplement supplies from any one of their islandwide outlets. They also have an online store with pretty good offers, such as one for one deals.

Holland & Barret  

Holland and Barret has been in Singapore for many years and currently has 9 outlets in Singapore. Helpful customer representatives are on hand to help you better understand and decide on your supplement purchase. 

Factors to Consider When Deciding Which Stores to Buy From

This is by no means an exhaustive list of places to purchase supplements. However, there are certain points to take note of when locking in your purchases. 

These are key in ensuring that you get a good deal, and of course, the genuine products. 

Read the Reviews

Read online reviews, ask your friends or do your fair share of research before purchasing the product. Shortlist those that best fit your requirements and gives you the confidence to make the purchase.

Buy from trusted sources. 

Purchase from merchants that are established. Similarly, do you fair share of research on the merchants and take special note on things like their level of customer service,  delivery fulfillment and condition of items received. 

Stores that welcome feedback

It would be good to look for ones that have active customer feedback channels and delivery tracking services to ensure purchases are delivered in proper order. And welcome reasonable returns if products are not up to expectations. 



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