Alvin Ho

Fitness Lead / Co-Founder

Alvin’s passion for health and fitness stems from his strong belief towards the age old adage “Prevention is better than cure”. Having personally witnessed how dramatic the quality of life can be improved through maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the former aerospace engineer who has a masters in business administration aspires to help individuals keep fit, amidst the crazy demands of this modern day society.

Alvin has a Master fitness trainer certification with fitness nutrition, resistance & endurance training specialist qualifications. He was awarded SBR Singapore's 10  Most Influential People in Health & Fitness aged 40  & Under.

Dr Chen Yiming

Medical Lead / Co-Founder

Dr Chen believes that adopting a healthy lifestyle is medicine. Assuming an active lifestyle and eating well is key to mitigate  & manage chronic illnesses. Dr Chen hopes to use FITivate to help viewers achieve a better clarity & understanding towards chronic & acute diseases.   

Dr Chen is the medical director of a medical group in Singapore & also the deputy medical director / group trainer of a renowned aesthetics establishment. 

Dr Shawn Ee 

Mental Wellness Lead

With well over a decade's worth of experience in mental health, Shawn has worked in several public and private contexts in both Singapore and Australia. He is currently President of the Psychoanalytic Association of Singapore, and works both in long-term psychotherapy and in a short-term focused way.

His work is known for being gentle and respectful, whilst supporting his clients develop insights into their difficulties. In 2018, he founded The Psychology Practice, now a popular Psychology Blog, and specialist psychological practice, where he spends most of his time seeing patients and clients for psychotherapy.

Fitness Ambassadors

Catherine Chew

Canny Low


John Chong