How Many Calories Are In Bee Hoon

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A very popular breakfast serve, both from the economic rice stalls and amongst vegetarian hawkers.

However, did you know that a standard bee hoon calories with fish fillet and fried egg can actually amount to 533 Cal, that makes up to about a person’s one quarter average daily recommended 2000 Cal requirement, just from breakfast alone! [1]

The vegetarian version is not any lower in calories as well, a vegetarian bee hoon calories served with mock meat, chilli paste and vegetables can also amount to about 548 Cal. [2]

This dish is often very oily and salty as they are prepared in abundance of these ingredients. 

Nutrition Information (Per Serving)

  • Energy: 533 Cals
  • Protein : 25 g
  • Total fat: 21 g
  • Saturated Fat: 5 g
  • Carbohydrates: 61 g
  • Dietary fibre:5 g
  • Cholesterol : 189 mg
  • Sodium : 1372 mg

Healthier Bee Hoon Options

#1 Choice of Bee Hoon

Choose white bee hoon instead. As bee hoon is prepared and no way the hawker can be asked to go easy on the soya sauce and oil, the better option will still be to go for the original white bee hoon over the soya sauce black bee hoon.

#2 Side Dishes Make or Break the Dish

For the economic bee hoon version, avoid processed meat such as ham, sausages as much as possible. Go for braised or lightly stir fried meat instead. 

Deep fried fare such as nuggets, fries or fish fillet should be avoided to reduce the overall fat content as well. 

Top up the dish with an abundance of vegetables, such as long beans or cabbage. Fried egg can be very oily, best to avoid as well. Moderate on the chilli.

For the vegetarian version, mock starchy meat should be consumed in moderation. Especially avoid those that are deep fried. Try to avoid adding any gravy over the bee hoon and likewise, go for as much lightly stir fried vegetables as possible. 

Similarly, go easy on the chilli paste to reduce sodium intake as well.

Conclusion is, go for side dishes that are less greasy and no-processed for an overall healthier meal. Moderation is key as well, do not consume this on a daily basis, substitute your breakfasts with healthier options such as whole grain cereals and whole meal bread. 

For more information about common Singaporean foods calories, read this article.



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