Benefits of Almond Protein

Author: FITivate | Published date: January 5, 2022 | Category: Nutrition
benefits of almond protein

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Almond protein provides a wide range of nutritional benefits that is equally, if not more beneficial than conventional peanut protein. Let us explore here!

Almond butter VS Peanut butter

Firstly, we will briefly discuss the nutritional benefits of Noosh Almond butter and conventional peanut butter. With each serving at about 15g,

Noosh Almond butter :

  • Calories : 90
  • Protein : 4 g
  • Fat : 8 g
  • Fibre : 1 g
  • Sugar : 1 g
  • Sodium : 0 mg

Peanut butter :

  • Calories : 100
  • Protein : 3.5 g
  • Fat : 8.3 g
  • Fibre : 1 g
  • Sugar : 2.2 g
  • Sodium : 48 mg

With a back to back comparison of some of the more significant nutritional areas, we can see that almond butter trumps peanut butter in providing lesser calories, higher protein content, lower sugar value and lower sodium levels.

Benefits of Almond

There are a myriad of benefits associate with this tree nut, we will lay out some of the more significant nutritional benefits in the following (1).

1. Rich in Vitamin E

Almonds are classified as one of the world’s best sources of vitamin E. Vitamin E essentially acts as an antioxidant that helps to protect cells from oxidative damage from free radicals.

2. Lower Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Studies have shown (23) that regular consumption of almonds help to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels in individuals, which in turn, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Helps in appetite control and weight management

Almonds are rich in protein and fiber which are key aspects of increase satiety levels and prevents over eating. This helps in promoting better weight management through lesser overall caloric intake.

Studies have been carried out (456) to show that consuming almonds helped to increase metabolic rates and assist in overall weight loss.

4. May help in blood sugar control

Being low in carbohydrates but rich in healthy fats, protein and high in fiber helps patients with diabetes as they do not cause in sharp rise in blood sugar levels.

It is also high in magnesium content, which can help to lower blood sugar levels and enhance insulin function in those type 2 diabetes patient who are magnesium deficient.


Almond is a wonder food that is loaded with healthy fats, fiber and protein. An excellent choice for those who are looking to build muscles and lose weight. Noosh almond butter is a convenient and on-the-go snack package, which can serve as a spread or consumed right from the packet! A tasty and healthy treat that can help to energise your day ahead!

By : Alvin Ho

B (Eng), MBA, Certified Allied Healthcare/Fitness Professional (EIMS), Master Fitness Trainer / Fitness Nutrition, Resistance & Endurance Training Specialist (NFPT)



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