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Specialty Workouts

Curating a selection of programmes to meet your needs

These workouts are inspired by HIIT and Tabata sequences which are designed to help you build muscles, burn fats and ahcieve over all funcational fitness. The team will update new sessions every 2 days, so do look out for new exercise sequences!

Upper body Resistance band exercise

Fat burning Tabata inspired workouts for your chest and arms

12 mintues ultimate upper body workout with 30 seconds exercise intervals. Aim for as many repetitions as possible and feel the tone and burn! If you want to increase the intensity, extend the workout for another 12 minute cycle or more! Let's go! 

abs exercises

Must-try Tabata inspired workouts for your core - abs & back 

Our workouts are infused with core strengthening exercises that will help you tone up your abs and fight back pain! It's simple, convenient and entirely home based! 

Shoulder exercise resistance band

Ultimate upper body Tabata inspired workouts

Tone and shape your upper body with our professionally crafted workout programs which are specifically designed to tone your arms, strengthen your back, pump your chest and chisel your shoulders! 

squat exercise

Intense Tabata inspired leg and butt workouts

Want to jump higher, sprint faster, improve your stability and tone up your legs and butt? We have the right workouts for you! 12 minutes is all you need, challenge your fitness and put in your best! Let's go!