The best foods to consume before a workout | Pre-workout Nutrition

Author: FITivate_B | Published date: December 25, 2023 | Category: Fitness, Nutrition, Workouts
 foods to eat before exercise

Are you looking to get the most out of your workouts? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting, it’s important to fuel your body with the right foods to perform at your best. In this episode, we’ll explore the best pre-workout foods to help you power through your exercise sessions and recover properly.

Why is pre-workout nutrition important?

Eating the right foods before a workout is important to ensure that your body has enough energy to perform the exercises and recover properly afterwards. If you don't fuel your body properly before a workout, you may feel sluggish and fatigued during your exercise session, which can lead to poor performance and potential injury. On the other hand, eating too much or consuming the wrong foods before a workout can lead to digestive discomfort and make you feel bloated or uncomfortable.

Steps to take

The key to pre-workout nutrition is to eat something light 1 to 2 hours before exercising. Avoid consuming heavy, oily, processed, or spicy foods before an exercise session as these can be difficult to digest and cause discomfort. It's important to consume foods that are high in carbohydrates, which are essential in constantly fueling the body with energy. However, try to avoid too much sugary foods as it might put you in a high calorie surplus, of which the workout session might not be adequate enough to burn off. The recommended choice of carbohydrate intake will be complex carbohydrates.

High protein foods are also crucial as they help to build lean muscles and aid muscle recovery post-session. Additionally, keeping hydrated with plain water before and during the session is key as perspiration might cause dehydration and prevent circulation of essential nutrients to the muscles.

Recommended foods and snacks

If you’re not sure what to eat before a workout, consider these pre-workout snacks and foods to fuel your body:

Whole meal bread and peanut butter: This is an easy-to-prepare snack that’s packed with complex carbohydrates and protein to fuel the body through the exercise session.

Protein shake with mixed fruits: Choose high-quality protein powder that not only helps muscles to grow and recover, but is also free from additives and chemicals which can harm the body in the long run. You can blend the mixed fruits into the protein powder to form a smoothie that can provide the necessary vitamins, nutrients, and simple sugars to fuel the exercise session.

Next will be Nut mix: Nuts are a great source of healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates, and are easy and convenient to carry around. Avoid seasoned or salted ones, go for baked versions.

Yoghurt with oats: This is a great blend of whole grains and protein that can keep you full and energized for your workouts. Avoid the flavored yogurts and go for plain Greek yogurt instead.

Hard-boiled eggs with veggies are also a great option to consider: Eggs are high in protein and good fats, and are packed with nutrients and vitamins to supplement the necessary needs for a good workout. Adding a serving of veggies can provide additional fiber to keep you feeling fuller.

If you are to consume something closer to the workout session you can consider consuming Bananas. Go for one or two ripened bananas for that extra boost in energy from its fast-digesting carbohydrates.


Different food spreads fit the needs and preferences of different individuals. Find the diet that best suits you before a workout and stick to it. Always remember to avoid heavy meals before exercising and keep yourself hydrated throughout. By eating the right foods before your workout, you can ensure that your body has enough energy to perform at its best and recover properly afterwards.



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