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Author: FITivate | Published date: February 10, 2022 | Category: Medical

The internet has presented itself as a trove of information and content when it comes to free to view fitness workouts. We sifted through youtube and came up with a list of 5 of the most watched homebased workout videos on the platform, many of which are beginner friendly and suitable for a wide age range.

However, do remember that before you hop on to trying out any online exercise videos do make sure you are in good health and carry out your proper warm ups and cool downs. If in doubt, do seek a certified healthcare professional to advise you through your fitness journey.

Squid Game Workout

Even though this particular fitness video is not in anyway near to the number of views amassed by the top videos in this listing, this is, however, created organically by the Fitivate team and inspired through the recent Squid Game craze. The workouts are systematically sequenced to “help” participants tone and strengthen the muscle groups required to clear the various stages in the game. These easy-to-follow workouts intermix between dumbbells (or water bottles as alternatives) and bodyweight. Groove to the catchy, remixed squid game music and sweat away!

1. Chole Ting’s get abs in 2 weeks, abs workout challenge

Chole Ting has to be one of the most popular fitness influencers on youtube. With an eye popping 22 million subscribers (and growing), she aims to empower individuals to achieve health and fitness through her engaging homebased workouts and healthy recipes.

In this particular abs challenge video which has garnered 425 million views, Chloe shares a series of abs based exercises that not only focuses on spot training for the abdominals but cleverly incorporated core muscle and lower body workouts for a holistic approach towards achieving those toned sixed packs. Her supersets and exercise sequences ensure a good burn, try them out but adjust the intensity based on your current fitness levels.

2. Lucy Wyndham-Read’s 7 day challenge 7 minute workout to lose body fat

Another abdominal related fitness video which has more than 117 million views to date. The instructions given by Lucy Wyndham-Read is to, for starters, workout along with this 7 minutes fitness video for a stretch of 7 days.

The interesting thing about this set of exercises is that most of them are done standing with a good mix of plyometrics that focuses on lower body muscles. Throughout the entire video, Lucy makes the effort to motivate participants through sharing success stories. Try these easy to follow exercises out and make sure you stay disciplined in completing the challenge!

3. Fast Walking in 30 mins by Leslie Sansone

Walking at home! No, you do not need to pace around the entire house, rather, execute sequenced, stationary steps based on the high tempo music from this fitness workout. This video has over 92 million views, focusing on functional fitness and calorie burning by simply walking on the spot!

Leslie Sansone is a great instructor and instructions are clear and easy to follow. This set of exercises are considered low intensity and suitable for people from all age groups. Give it a try and get your whole family into the walking groove as well!

4. 10 minutes abs workout by fitness blender

Fitness blender is a household name when it comes to workout videos and in this video, which is also abdominals focused, has garnered more than 76 million views through the years since it was published.

This video shows 10 exercises with 45 seconds intervals, totalling up to 10 minutes in duration. These workouts do not require any equipment and are fairly easy to execute. Clear instructions are also narrated throughout the entire video and it helps to ensure that your form and posture are maintained throughout the exercise duration.

5.Pamela Reif’s 20 minutes no equipment full body workout

Pamela Rief is another fitness icon with more than 8 million subscribers on youtube. This intense 20 minute workout activates the entire body for a great fat burning and muscle building session. It has also amassed more than 49 million views to date.

Do note that the exercises are sequenced one after another, with no short breaks in between to catch your breath, as such, the advice will be to work at your own pace and catch your breath when needed. There is however a 1 minute break every 10 to 11 consecutive exercises but some might want to take mini breaks in between.

Nonetheless, this 20 minutes workout only required a yoga mat and you are good to go! Try it out and work up your pace and intensity as you get better!


It is always important to ensure that before engaging in any form of exercises, especially the ones you follow through youtube or other media channels, that you and your loved ones are in good physical health. If in doubt always seek a medical or healthcare professional for advice. Before starting any of these video workouts, scrub through the entire video to give yourself an idea whether the exercises are suitable for you and have some details of what the entire workout sequence is like before starting.

By: Alvin Ho

B (Eng), MBA, Certified Allied Healthcare/Fitness Professional (EIMS), Master Fitness Trainer / Fitness Nutrition, Resistance & Endurance Training Specialist (NFPT)



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