10 Common Singapore Hawker Food Calories in 2021

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Hawker food has been the staple for many of our meals and the cornerstone in our Singaporean heritage, worthy enough to be named in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. The delectable and wide ranging hawker foods available will often leave many spoilt for choices. [1]

Always wondering how much does your hawker food calories contain? We have handpicked 10 most common dishes and dwelled into nutritional profile and some salient health guidelines when in consuming these dishes. 

Singapore Hawker Food Calories in 2021

#1. Chicken Rice 

Chicken Rice

Kcal: 607 Cal

A very popular dish that can contain substantial amounts of fat due to the chicken fat coated rice. Suggestion to make this plate healthier will be to order chicken breast without skin, more cucumbers. Reduce sodium intake by avoiding the soup and less chilli sauce.

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#2. Laksa


Kcal: 591

The savoury coconut milk based broth and smooth thick bee hoon will leave many craving for more. Making healthier choices to this dish is easy, reduce the broth consumption and choose bee hoon / vermicelli instead of the higher calorie yellow noodles. Ask for more tofu puffs and eggs to increase the overall protein content.

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#3. Ban Mian

Ban Mian

Kcal: 475 Cal

This soupy delight can actually be very healthy if some tweaks are made to it. Firstly, the soup base is too high in sodium, avoid drinking it when consuming the dish. Add more vegetables and crack an added egg to the mix to increase the overall fiber, protein and nutrients of the serve. Reduce consumption of the deep fried anchovies and shallots as well.  

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#4. Nasi Lemak 

Nasi Lemak

Kcal: 500 Cal

This coconut milk coated rice served with anchovies, egg, cucumbers, peanuts can be a little heavy as breakfast, especially when it is topped up with other sides such as fried chicken wings, sausages and such. Make this rice dish healthier by avoiding all the deep fried and processed meat, top it up with more vegetables and cucumber slices. Even though the chilli paste is central to nasi lemak, do moderate in its consumption as the sodium content can be quite high.  

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#5. Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Kcal: 907 Cal

This is the highest calorie content food in this list. A tze char favourite, fried rice is not only high in calories, but also sodium and fat. It is a relatively easy dish to prepare and can be made healthier if done at home instead. Swap white rice with brown rice and go easy on the salt and seasoning. Avoid mixing processed foods such as ham but use chicken breast meat instead. Serve up with a plate of lightly fried vegetables to increase the overall fiber content. 

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#6. Prata

Roti Prata

Kcal: 209 Cal

Just one piece of prata will take a 30 mins swim to burn off! Roti Prata is something that we do not usually stop at one, or even 2 pieces, but this high calorie and fat dish can be swapped with healthier options such as thosai instead. 

Go easy on the high sodium gravy and consume this dish occasionally. 

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#7. Bee Hoon

Bee Hoon

Kcal: 533

A popular breakfast served for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Choose white beehoon instead of the black ones to reduce sodium levels from soya sauce. 

For vegetarians, opt for vegetables as side ingredients instead of strachy, deep fried meat alternatives. For the non vegetarian version, avoid deep fried and processed meat. Similarly, aim for more vegetables on the plate. 

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#8. Carrot Cake

Fried Carrot Cake

Kcal: 493 Cal

Opt for the white version instead of the black one, as the black sweet sauce version is about 100 Cal more than its counterpart! 

Consider fried carrot cake as a side dish and share it with others instead of consuming the entire plate for a meal. 

Ask for less oil and go easy on the chile paste. 

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#9. Hokkien Mee 

Hokkien Mee

Kcal: 522 Cal

Hokkien mee can be quite high in sodium content, as such, consider consuming less or avoid the thick gravy that comes with the dish and go easy on the chilli paste. 

You can reduce the overall calories by asking for more rice noodles and lesser yellow noodles, and ask for more eggs if possible. 

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#10 Durian


Kcal: 147 Cal (3 Seeds)

Not something you can find in a hawker center, but nonetheless, something many of us consume by the fruit stalls. 

A 1 kg worth of durians consist of 1400 Cals and high in sugar content, not advisable for diabetics.

Even though it is high in nutrients, minerals and fiber, the high calories and sugar level, makes this something that should be only consumed moderately and occasionally.

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