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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Demystified: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention Strategies

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The Stomach | Acidic Environment for Digestion and its Importance

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Breast cancer treatment

Understanding breast cancer | Interview with Singapore Breast Surgeon, Dr Lee

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Rhabdomyolysis, exercise and muscle breakdown

Rhabdomyolysis: When Too Much Exercise can be unsafe

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can probiotics help fatty liver

Probiotics in the treatment of fatty liver disease

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Probiotics and fitness

Probiotics as a supplement for good athletic performance

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HPV vaccine

Understanding the HPV Vaccine | Why is it important?

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probiotics mental health

The gut & mind axis, Use of probiotics for mental health

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On Fitivate medical blogs, the team is committed to bring credible and helpful information about a variety of health topics that encompass causes, benefits, risk factors and treatments. We include visual infographics for easy comprehension, video explanations and detailed texts to cater to the preferences of various viewers to our platform.

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