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OuiOats Almond Butter Bundle



The Noosh Almond Butter and Oui Oats contains only natural, simple and wholesome ingredients, making it the perfect healthy food option for the whole family.


Note: Please select the $8 flat shipping fee in order to confirm your order. This will be used to arrange for the delivery of your Oui Oats bowl and Almond Butters.


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About Noosh

Noosh is an Armenian word for “Almond” but for us, it means “FAMILY”. We have a line of products that deliver on-the-go nutrition to fuel any schedule. Made with all natural ingredients such as whole California almonds, along with a unique packaging, the Noosh products can be enjoyed by everyone.

🌱 Plant-based Almond Butter / Almond Protein
🌱 Vegan, Non-GMO, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Halal Certified

About Oui Oats

Nourishing, intentional and au ‘natural; Oui Oats provides ready-to-eat overnight oats for all-day energy and everyday ease.

Made for the busy movers, shakers and on-the-go makers, Oui Oats offers an array of overnight oat flavours that are power-packed with delicious, simple and raw goodness.

Find out more here: www.ouioats.com


Smooth & Silky Almond Butter – Smoosh the Noosh

The Noosh Almond Butter Single Serve packs are the perfect on-the-go snack you can take anywhere. It is naturally sourced, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, non-GMO, corn-free and does not contain palm oil.

Simple Living & Sustainable Health – Oui Oats

Oui Oats aim to curate healthy meals that are inclusive, nutrient-dense and sustainably-driven through simple, ethically sourced, and wholesome ingredients. They are committed to bringing breakfast back-to-basics through convenient, nutritious, and ready-to-eat oats.

Product Specifications

Oui Oats – Oats Bowl

All bowls come with 3 toppings and 1 drizzle of your choice. (Description from Oui Oats)


Bittersweet. Earthy yet velvet.

If you’re not familiar with matcha, matcha is a type of powdered green tea originated in Japan. The slight bitterness and earthiness of matcha is perfectly balanced by the natural sweetness of fresh fruits on top of our oats. Our Matcha Oats, made with plant-based milk and organic Japanese grade matcha, provide you the clean green energy you need.

Black Goma

Super nutty. Pleasant bitterness. Bold.

Our signature Black Sesame Oats are the ultimate asian dessert reimagined. The rich and nutty black sesame base, made with plant-based milk and pure black sesame, is your healthy alternative when you’re craving for traditional Chinese black sesame soup (黑芝麻糊).

The PB 

Nutty. Creamy. Protein-packed.

Peanut butter provides a healthy dose of plant-based protein. Using high quality peanut butter made simply of peanuts, sea salt and free from palm oil, our PB Oats are designed to keep you energized throughout the day. How can you say no to such creamy oats with a crunch of real peanuts?

Dark Choc Hazelnut

Rich Cacao. Nutty Hazelnuts. Subtly Sweet.

Specially curated for your sweet tooth, our Dark choc hazelnut Oats are made with plant-based milk, raw cacao powder, hazelnut butter, and light coconut nectar. The fudgy dark chocolate combined with the nutty taste of hazelnut is your utterly guilt-free chocolate indulgence.

Dr Bircher

Refreshing. Fruity. Naturally sweet with a punch of tanginess.

Did you know that Bircher Muesli is the original overnight oats recipe? It was developed by a swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Brenner for his patients and is still very popular all over the world. Packed with fresh fruits, Dr Bircher is for you if you’re looking for something refreshing to light you up in the morning.

Beetroot Goji

Earthy. Refreshing. A hint of spice.

We collaborate with Blendery on creating this unique flavor. Imagine this, floral with a hint of sweetness, spicy and warm, all well-balanced in the creamy oats.

Noosh – Almond Butter 

Bundle of 3 (.5oz) Single Serve Squeezable Almond Butter Packets for Noosh Almond Butter

Flavours include: Original, Chocolate Chocolate Mint, Coffee Keto, Birthday Cake & Cupcake 

Choose from our 6 specially curated options below:

All-Time Favourite (Original, Chocolate & Coffee)

A Sweet Treat (Chocolate, Cupcake & Coffee)

Chilling on Weekends (Chocolate Mint, Cupcake & Birthday Cake)

Keto-Friendly Diet (Chocolate Mint, Birthday Cake & Coffee)

Run for Miles (Chocolate, Chocolate Mint & Original)

Tea-Time Delight (Original, Cupcake & Coffee)


Oui Oats Oats Bowl

  • You’re encouraged to to enjoy the overnight oats cold, as the products are designed to be consumed cold and are delivered straight from Oui Oat’s refrigerator. Simply open, stir and enjoy the creamy oats with our delicious toppings.
  • If not consumed immediately, please store Oui Oats in the fridge. Oui Oats has a shelf life of 4-5 days if stored in the refrigerator.
  • We recommend consuming your oats within two (2) hours if there are fruits in your oats as the fruits will oxidize.

Noosh Almond Butter

  • Before opening, knead & squeeze thoroughly as normal settling occurs.
  • In order to extend product freshness, refrigeration of Noosh is recommended after opening.

About the Distributor

eNAgerise is an authorised distributer of Noosh in Singapore and a partner of Fitivate.

Follow eNAgerise at:



Note: Please select the $8 flat shipping fee in order to confirm your order. This will be used to arrange for the delivery of your Oui Oats bowl and Almond Butters.



Oui Oats Oat Bowls

Matcha, Black Goma, The PB, Dark Choc Hazelnut, Dr Bircher, Beetroot Goji

Almond Butter Bundles

All-Time Favourite , A Sweet Treat , Chilling on Weekends , Keto-Friendly Diet , Run for Miles , Tea-Time Delight


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