4 Great Reasons Why Protein Bars Are Good for You

Author: FITivate | Published date: August 14, 2022 | Category: Nutrition
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Protein is one of the macro nutrients that is essential for our bodily functions. Get to know more about the benefits of protein here, generally, protein helps to burn fats and control hunger, promote lean muscle growth, enhance strength and helps with muscle recovery.

Protein is abundant in many of our foods and especially so in salmon, chicken breast, soy based food sources, eggs and nuts. Protein bars, on the other hand, have been gaining quite abit of popularity amongst consumers mainly due to its convenience, tastiness and health benefits. In this article, we will look through top 4 reasons why protein bars might be good for you and how you can potentially consider these as meal replacements for some of your meals.

List of 4 Great Reasons Why Protein Bars Are Good for You

1. High quality protein on the go!

Each bar can contain high quality protein at levels similar to that of chicken breast, gram for gram. Being conveniently packed in compact, easy to bring around packaging, these bars can offer a quick protein fix anytime, anywhere and most importantly, hassle free.

A quick tip is to check the nutritional panel of the brand of bars you are interested in and take notice of the protein content, some bars can have protein levels as high as 30 g per serving! These high protein bars can serve as great pre or post workout snacks to boost muscle growth and promote recovery!

2. Helps lose weight

Protein is known to help fat metabolism and hunger control, another potential weight loss benefit some bars offer is that they contain considerable amounts of fiber. Fiber helps with satiety, meaning it can keep individuals fuller over a longer period of time. Similarly, look through the nutrition list and consider those that contain considerable amounts of fiber.

Many of these bars are also pretty low in calories, with each serving estimated to be about 180 to 200 Calories. For those we are looking for a satisfying snack without the worry of exceeding your daily caloric intake, look not further.

3. Meal replacement option

There are certain protein bars designed to double up as meal replacements. These bars will typically have a whole host of vitamins and minerals infused in one serving.  Even though they qualify to replace meals, it is important to note that before considering such options, please consult a nutritionist or healthcare provider to assess the suitability for such arrangement. Advise will be to only use these bars to replace certain meals and still consume whole, nutritional foods for the others.  

4. Affordable

Depending the brand and types of bars, each bar can cost an average of around SGD 2.50 to SGD 4.50. Prices per piece tend to be cheaper if bought in a box of 6 or 12. As there is a pretty wide range in pricing, do pick the brand that best fits your budget.

Take into comparison the cost of a mid-day tea time snack of a slice of chiffon cake and coffee set, the price of one protein bar can either be cheaper or comparable.

Things to note when purchasing your protein bars   

Take note of the sugar levels

Some bars can contain quite abit of added sugar with some having sugar levels as high as 12 to 17 grams per serving! When browsing through the nutrition label and ingredient list, keep a keen eye on the added sugar component.

Take note of allergens

There are some protein bars that contain nuts and other ingredients that can potentially cause allergic reactions in some. Similarly, do take note of the ingredients list and advisory notice on the package before purchasing and consuming.

Check Reviews

Before purchasing, check reviews and ratings for the brand and flavour. Not all protein bars are made the same and some bars might not be as delectable as others. Do your research online and ask your friends before splashing out money for your purchase.

By : Alvin Ho

B (Eng), MBA, Certified Allied Healthcare/Fitness Professional (EIMS), Master Fitness Trainer / Fitness Nutrition, Resistance & Endurance Training Specialist (NFPT)



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