Reasons why Fried Foods Harm your Health

Author: FITivate | Published date: June 18, 2021 | Category: Nutrition

Calorie Dense

Food drenched in oil and fats increase their overall calorie count


Tend to cause food addiction & result in overeating

Raises Bad (LDL) Cholesterol

Typically, cheaper vegetable oil that are high in trans and saturated fats are used, these can lead to the rise in LDL cholesterol levels

Nutrient Eliminator

High heat causes nutrients in foods to be destroyed

Raises the risks of chronic illnesses

Contribute to high blood pressure and insulin resistance which can lead to heart diseases and diabetes in the long run

Chemical altering

Chemical changes in oil under high heat causes harmful acrylamide to be formed (may have links to cancer)

Consider these healthier alternatives instead

- Go for lightly stir-fired food (lean meat / vegetables) using healthier oils such as olive, avocado or peanut oil.

- Limit deep fried food to once or twice every week

- Add lots of vegetables to the plate

- Try alternative frying such as oven frying or air frying

By : Alvin Ho

B (Eng), MBA, Certified Allied Healthcare/Fitness Professional (EIMS), Master Fitness Trainer / Fitness Nutrition, Resistance & Endurance Training Specialist (NFPT)



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