Benefits of Resistance Bands

Author: FITivate | Published date: January 29, 2024 | Category: Medical
Resistance Bands Set Workout Bands with 5 Stackable Exercise Bands
Resistance Bands Set Workout Bands with 5 Stackable Exercise Bands

What are Resistance bands

Resistance bands have been around for many years and well sought after by fitness professionals and rehabilitation specialists. They are made of rubber, either manufactured as flat rubber loops or tubes that have handles fixed at both ends. If utilised well, these versatile pieces of fitness equipment can be very good alternatives to free weight and even cable machines.  Let us dive right into the top reasons how resistance bands can be advantageous in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Top 5 benefits of Resistance bands

Improves your strength training exercises

Typically with free weight exercises such as dumb bell bicep curls, the amount of weights being worked on is predictable throughout the entire set. However, for resistance band, the tension of the band is greatest when stretched out and this is usually at the top of the range of motion. This ensures the muscles are placed at the most stress during the end of the contracting movement which is vital in building muscle mass [1].   

Utilising the core muscles

The varying tension when carrying out resistance band based movements requires individuals to work harder to maintain proper form in unsteady conditions. This will, thus, require the activation of stabilising muscles to kick in, thereby helping to build stronger core muscles at the same time [2].

Great alternative to the gym

Resistance bands along with a door hook, can actually mimic many gym equipment based exercises such as cable rows, flys, lats pull, pull downs etc.

Bands on their own can substitute free weights such as dumb bells with movements such as overhead presses, bicep curls, weighted squats etc.

Wide range of resistances

Not only are resistance band versatile in workout variations, they have a wide range of resistances that can potentially be as resistant as the heaviest weights you can find in the gym!  

Typically, the more resistant the bands are the thicker will be their girth. Another nifty way of adding more resistance is the possibility of combining 2 bands together.


Resistance bands come at really cheap and affordable prices. You can spend less than SGD 50 on a set of bands that will provide you with adequate levels of resistances for your workout program. Some sets of bands will even throw in the door anchor hook as a freebie.


Even for a band that can deliver a 40 pound resistance, it probably only weighs about 300 to 500 grams. This makes resistance bands extremely easy to carry around, enabling you to literally exercise anywhere. It is also a growing popularity of utilising these bands for quarantine stay exercising.

Also, while working out at fitness corners, you can loop these bands over pull up bars or any anchor points for cable based exercises.

Types of Resistance bands

Loop Bands

These are flat rubber band like resistance bands which can either be used on its own or looped around pull up bars for a variety of exercises. This type of bands typically cannot be used on door anchors.

Resistance bands with handles

These are tube shaped resistance bands with handles on both ends. These bands are easier to work with and can accommodate a wider variety of exercises, especially when it is the perfect companion for door anchor hooks.

Multi system bands

These are tube based bands with metal loops or carabiners at each end. The bands can then be attached to independent handles and this enables multiple bands to be attached to the handles at the same time.

Users will be able to increase resistances dramatically by combining bands together with the use of just one pair of handles. The disadvantage arrives when too many bands are stacked together, which can result in the entire band system becoming too bulky or unstable to use.  

What to look out for when purchasing a resistance band

Reliable brand

Whether buying online or at stores, do not go for the cheapest. Go for established brands for a peace of mind, even if they are more expensive.


Read through the reviews or ask friends who have or are using bands for their feedback. Safety when using these bands is paramount as inferior quality ones tend to snap and a whip from these rubber bands can be very painful.

Check before use

Check the bands you have purchased before actual use. Check whether there are any damages to the rubber surface and whether attachments like handles and door hooks are in good order.

By : Alvin Ho

B (Eng), MBA, Certified Allied Healthcare/Fitness Professional (EIMS), Master Fitness Trainer / Fitness Nutrition, Resistance & Endurance Training Specialist (NFPT)

Resistance Bands Set Workout Bands with 5 Stackable Exercise Bands



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