Steel Combat Series (Warmup Boxing Sequence)

Author: FITivate | Published date: April 8, 2022 | Category: Workouts

What is Steel Combat?

Steel combat belongs to the family of Steel programs, which are comprehensive and scientifically backed fitness regimens that are not only effective, they are also made in a way where participants will feel motivated to sustain a healthy way of life. Steel combat is conducted in a group based setting and participants will train using the most popular techniques from the most efficient contact sports of the planet. It consists of simple, dynamic and intense training movements that are also fun, effective and safe. Aimed at reducing stress, toning the body and ensuring a high calorie burn.

Warmup boxing techniques

Led by Coach Kelvin Liu, The aim of these instructional videos is used to help viewers familiarise the footwork and punches required in a steel combat class. This episode will cover the sequences required for the warming up boxing techniques.

Technique layout

The video is segmented into 3 main portions, namely, the leftward, the rightward and central movements.

Leftward movements : 
  • 1. X4 left and right uppercuts 
  • 2. Left and right punches
  • 3. Forward step and left leg trip 
Rightward movements : 
  • 1. X4 left and right uppercuts 
  • 2. Left and right punches
  • 3. Forward step and right leg trip 
Central movements : 
  • 1. X2 left and right uppercuts 
  • 2. X2 left hooks
  • 3. Right forward jab and right turn jab
  • 4. X2 left and right upper cuts
  • 5. X2 right hooks
  • 6. Froward jab and left turn jab

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Disclaimer :

This is only a portion of the full steel combat regime. For the full routine, please join a steel combat class near you!

Before you start the fitness program, seek help from medical and fitness professionals to evaluate your suitability for the exercises. Fitivate will not be liable or responsible to any injury, hurt or even death when engaging in this fitness program. 



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