Top 5 Healthy Meals Delivery Services in Singapore

Author: FITivate | Published date: February 10, 2022 | Category: Nutrition

In this period of the pandemic, food deliveries are in great demand as more and more households opting to stay in for meals. Other than your conventional one-time food takeout options from food delivery apps, there are F&B companies that focus on healthy, wholesome meals which are deliciously prepared and served up to your doorstep, fuss free. These services typically provide you with meal planning to help you reach you health goals, and conveniently provide you with meal packages over your desired period of time. Here are a list of Singapore based meal prep delivery services that has the most and best google reviews till date.

List of Top 5 Healthy Food Delivery in Singapore

1. Nutrition Kitchen Singapore

This meal prep delivery company clocks in at 4.4 stars given by more than 140 reviewers. Positive comments such as the food being tasty consisting of a wide range of flavours, even when it is prepared with less salt. Food is fresh and served in biodegradable packaging with customers generally satisfied with the delivery services provided.

On their website, they have a detailed and fuss free questionnaire which checks in with individual health goals and meal preferences before offering the best suited meal plans. Customers can choose from 1, 2 or 4 weeks packages with more discounts given for longer meal plans.   

2. Lean Bento

Lean Bento has more than 300 reviews on google, scoring a very good 4.2 stars. Customers commended extensively on their service, food presentation and delicious taste.  Portions were mentioned to be adequate with many healthy options to choose from.

The company is halal certified with most of the dishes prepared fridge friendly. There are various meal options provided, ranging from comfort food , low carb (keto based), high protein to those customers looking to lose weight. Their delivery services is also highly customisable and can cater to multiple location drop offs for events such as webinars.

3. Fitthree

With a respectable more than 60 reviewers, Fitthree clocks in at an excellent score of 4.7 stars on google reviews. Reviewers were very happy with the wide variety of dishes provided, which are easy to prepare and very tasty. There were even customers who have been with this meal service for more than one year. Customers also liked how the meal plans change on a weekly basis, offering a diverse spread to their meals.

One thing impressive about Fitthree is that they list out the exact macros of each meal on their website. The amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats per meal gives customers a great deal of information when picking the right dishes for their fitness goals. Other than direct deliveries, meals can also be delivered to convenient locations such as gyms or studios for easy pickup.

4. Grain Singapore

More than 400 google reviewers have given this food delivery company an excellent 4.6 stars! Customers were happy with the food presentation, customer service and delectable meals. Many reviewers were repeat customers, further justifying their satisfaction with their service and food fare.

Grain operates as a buffet catering company which also provides individualised meal deliveries. Meals are generally affordable, and they offer a wide variety of food choices which ranges from healthy spreads to comfort meals and desserts.

5. Tingkat Delivery

A very good average of 4.4 stars on google reviews was given by more than 50 reviewers. Customers sang praises about how delicious the dishes tasted and favour how the meals were being prepared with fresh ingredients with no MSG included. One reviewer even likened it to home cooked food prepared by their mother!

From the website, the meal delivery service provided spans over 10 or 20 days with a 5 days trial available for those who are just starting off. No MSG used is definitely a plus point, especially for those looking to reduce their overall sodium intake and they even provide brown rice to increase the nutrition and fiber content for each meal.



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