Types of Acne Scars and Treatment

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Types of Acne Scars and Acne Scars Treatment

Broadly, there are a few type of acne marks & scars.

1. Pigmented acne marks

  • These are what we call PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • These pigment spots occur due to the skin reacting to the inflammation of the pimple - and after the pimple heals, pigmentation is left behind
  • These marks are relatively easy to treat. A combination of creams and lasers will do the trick.

2. Post pimple redness

  • Occasionally after the pimple recovers, it leaves behind a red bump on the skin which may take 3-4 months to resolve.
  • As we age, these red marks may take longer and longer to resolve.
  • Treatment of these red marks also involves creams and lasers and IPL. In serious cases, serious injections may be administered.

3. Keloid Scars

  • These are the worst scars to have. They are due to the damage from the infection and inflammation of the pimple causing purplish lumpy scars develop. They may be itchy at times.
  • Complete cure of keloid scars may not be possible.. Asians are prone to keloid and there is often a familial inheritance to getting keloids.
  • One of the more effective way of treating keloid is via steroid injections - and a series of injections may be required. Even then, complete solution may not be achieved.

4. Sunken Scars

  • Box scars, rolling scars, ice pick scars. These scars develop due to the damage to the integrity of the skin from the infection and inflammation.
  • Some of the common treatment includes : 
  • Fractional resurfacing lasers: these lasers work by creating “ controlled micro damage “ to your skin to push the skin into a repair mode. It is during this repair phase where new skin and new support structures are formed and scars are improved.
  • Injections to fill and boost the collagen growth to encourage new skin growth. Examples of the injections may include fillers to boost the volume of the sunken skin, or bio-stimulators of collagen like salmon PDRN ( polydeoxiribonucleotide ) .
  • More invasive procedures includes subscision of scars. You can think of subscision like a micro-knife to gently separate our skin from the underlying adhesion scars - so that the scars appear less stuck down and less deep.


  • Acne scars comes in various shapes and sizes.
  • They can be mild , but in severe cases can be very challenging to treat.
  • All scar treatment takes time , and will require multiple sessions of treatment to see improvement. Don’t give up.
  • There are always options available - speak to your doctor today to find out more about what treatment is best for you.

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By : Dr Chen Yiming

Family Physician, MBBS (Singapore), GDFM (NUS), GDFP Dermatology (NUS)



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